The research in our lab primarily focuses on understanding how to help families experiencing separation or divorce, particularly those families who have a history of intimate partner violence and abuse (IPV/A). We are particularly interested in testing family law interventions, to introduce evidence-based practice into family law courts. Thus, in one series of studies, we conduct randomized controlled trials (RCTs) of legal interventions, such as family mediation or online parent education programs, to test their outcomes and improve their effectiveness among separating or divorcing couples. In another set of studies, we are interested in improving the IPV/A screening process within family mediation.

Note that our research is interdisciplinary and usually involves collaborations with family law attorneys (e.g., Amy Applegate at the IU School of Law), judges (e.g., in different family court systems around Indiana and elsewhere), and often with other researchers (e.g., Connie Beck at the University of Arizona).